Chanting group

The Leopard in the Temple, the Chavurah’s Chanting Group, meets regularly in the Pepper Chapel.  This Jewish Chanting group is devoted to reviving through chant the embodied spiritual connection and earth-based spirituality of early Judaism.

As in many ancient traditions, chanting is a way to go more deeply into a single sacred phrase through multiple melodic repetitions. Jewish chanting is a re-emerging form of ecstatic meditation that was lost in the Holocaust and other persecutions. We teach chants and provide musical accompaniment. We learn to listen to each other and allow our combined voices to rise and fall, blend and connect. Each chant ends when the group is “ready.” The result is an often powerful shift from individual to group consciousness and a shared connection to the creative infinite. No musical training or ability is necessary: just the desire to create rapport with others. Dress comfortably in case you feel inspired to move, sit, or lie on the floor. You are welcome to bring percussive instruments and a pillow.

The Leopard in the Temple has led chanting programs at Jewish Congregations Kol Ami and Chavurah B’Yachad, at the Salt Lake Friends Meeting, the Jewish Arts Festival, and at various community churches and chaplaincy training programs.

Contact Alan Fogel for further information: alan.fogel [at]

Two videos of the group below: